A simple secret to success by Naomi Flood

A simple secret to success by Naomi Flood

We have all experienced a jag up the beach, a tussle around the swim cans and second placing to Northcliffe in the women’s arena, and if you haven’t, you most likely will.

But what’s their secret to success? The answer is easy; Northcliffe’s Head Female Coach, Naomi Flood, better known on the sand as ‘Floody’.

With a list of credentials too long to type, I thought best we focus on the now, and the why?

Now, she’s arguably Australia’s top surf coach. Why? Let’s read on.

In 2009 Floody won the Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Ironwoman Series title, the same year Harriet Brown made her debut into the series. In 2016 she commenced her coaching career under the maroon star. The same year, with skilled guidance and coaching from Floody, Harriet claimed her first World Ironwoman Title.

Despite not ‘choosing’ her coach, fate if you will, has allowed Harriet to develop into the finest athlete that she is today. Continually motivated by the past successes of Floody, Harriet finds herself driven daily to execute each session to the best of her ability.

With seven years of growth and triumphant together, Harriet couldn’t have spoken more proudly of her coach and the inevitable success that she creates. 

She cares about every single one of us, so much, and when you have a coach that cares so much about you, you are just driven to put in the work for them and to do the best that you can do.”


For Lana Rogers, Floody’s coaching couldn’t have come at a better time. Experiencing some personal struggles over the past couple of years, Lana needed a new lease on life.

Long story short, she now resides on the Gold Coast, calls Northcliffe home and has found her happiness to be at an all-time high. How did this all happen so easily? Floody.  

Offering a safe space to talk, a belief in her athletic ability, and support across the board of life’s ups and downs, Floody turned Lana’s life around in a single conversation.

“I was able to speak to her about a few of the struggles I was having in my personal life, she proceeded to ask me what I wanted out of ‘Lana the athlete’ and ‘Lana outside of sport’.

“This made me think, and I realized in that moment that she really cared, and never once did she give me any doubt that together we couldn’t make my goals happen.”

Under one of her many hats around the surf club and within its community, Lana experienced her first insight into what it’s really like to have Floody in your corner.

“She can be your friend but also your coach.

“She has so much passion for what she does and so much ambition to get us to where we want to be, regardless of where that is.”


Connecting with Floody as a ripper nipper in the Manly Surf Club, Emily Doyle now finds herself among the Northcliffe female squad where she too, is thriving in this chapter of her sporting career.

For Emily, it was an unquestionable decision, she didn’t need to witness the training, or experience the culture of the club, she knew Floody and that was enough.  

“She cares about us being happy, and us enjoying where we are in life, and she just wants to be there through the ride of that.”

Harriet didn’t choose Floody, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lana needed Floody, but perhaps didn’t see it until it happened.

Emily wanted Floody, so she made the move.

All in all, it appears clear that the secret to the dominate female success within the Northcliffe squad is simply, a coach that cares.  


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