Bella Williams: Championing Sun Safety On and Off the Beach

Bella Williams: Championing Sun Safety On and Off the Beach

Proudly sharing her passion for sun safety, studying Nursing and working as an Admin Assistant and Trainer at BMD Northcliffe, Race One Ambassador Bella Williams is striving to help others both on and off the beach.

“I have always been drawn to helping and caring for people and hence why I have enjoyed being a part of the Surf Life Saving movement, it coincides with my passions and values.”

For Bella, being a surf sport athlete has contributed significantly to the importance of sun safety on a day-to-day basis. Using her personal social media pages to spread awareness around melanoma for the past few years, it is evident that Bella’s message is not only an important one, but one raging with passion.  

“I am passionate about this cause as I have known too many people who have had melanomas removed from their skin or have lost family members due to this disease,” she said.

“It is something that can be avoided easily with prevention and early detection.”

As an ambassador for both the Hunter Melanoma Foundation and the National Skin Centre here on the Gold Coast, Bella’s knowledge on this topic goes hand in hand with the urge of importance she shares around her sun safety messages.

Expressing the importance of skin checks for all surf sport athletes, water sport athletes or any athlete who is continuously exposed to the sun, Bella continues to advocate the facts to greater the knowledge of her fellow Surf Lifesaving community.

“Melanoma is one of the most common cancers amongst 15-29 year-olds and is the third most common diagnosed cancer in Australia,” she stressed.

“These stats should be an alarm for our surf sports athletes.”

Riding her Race One Surf Craft into the 2024/25 season, a continued love for skin care and onboard; her sun safe message, Bella, like most athletes around the nation, is excited about the recent announcements and the future of surf sports!

“I am beyond excited for the Iron Series new format and the Shaw and Partners Summer of Surf Series!” she exclaimed!

“The sport is in such a healthy place!”

With her passion and positive advocacy around sun safety, our surf sports community and the future of both the sport and the health of those involved, is and will continue to benefit with our Race One athlete Bella Williams proudly leading the way.


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