Crepey Dapes: Fuelling the Dreams of Surf Lifesaving Champion Katy Rees

Crepey Dapes: Fuelling the Dreams of Surf Lifesaving Champion Katy Rees

‘Crepey Dapes’ may very well become every athlete’s favourite dessert at the conclusion of this article with all of us here at Race One in agreeance that; if it delivers the same love and passion on a plate that Swansea Belmont’s superstar Katy Rees has for Surf Life Saving, it will be ‘Crepey Dapes’ all-around Aus as we begin our lead into the 2024/25 season!

“My Mum makes the BEST crepes, or as we call them ‘Crepey Dapes’,” Katy explains.

Now, you may be wondering why we are talking about crepes and not craft. You see, they go hand in hand; the crepes are what fuels our current Under 17 Australian Board and Ironwoman Champion, our craft is what allows her to do what she loves.

Born and breed into the Swansea Belmont Surf Lifesaving Club, Katy has had a passion for Surf Sports for as long as she can remember.

Chasing her older brother and sister around the beach, through the water, and in and out of the car, Katy developed a competitive streak that she says comes from a place of admiration.

“Growing up as the youngest sibling has made me very competitive as I have always tried to keep up with them, and prove I could do what they do,” she said.

“But I really think that being the youngest in the family has allowed me to look up to both my siblings when they were competing, which really motivated and inspired me to get to where I am today.”

Watching her brother compete at his first Australian Championships when she was just nine years old, Katy knew what she wanted to do, and so she set out to make her dreams a reality.

“Watching my older brother compete in his first Aussies, I was just 9 years old, and I remember thinking, ‘WOW, wouldn’t that be cool to win an Australian Title’, and ever since then, it became my goal and dream.”

7 years on, a Race One board under her belly and a Swansea Belmont Cap proudly worn, Katy achieved that goal - THAT dream.

“Taking out an Aussies Title is hard enough, but to take out both the Board and the Iron, that is something I will never forget!

“It was so exciting, but I was almost shocked, I couldn’t believe what had happened and honestly, it still hasn’t sunk in yet!”

Humble, and still surprised by the fact that she is indeed a duel Australian Champion, Katy has a respect for the ocean and her sport that goes well beyond her 16-years.

“Getting to train in the ocean makes Surf Lifesaving such an exciting sport to be a part of as the ocean can either work with you or against you, making anything possible in a race,” she said.  

“Surf Lifesaving brings people together and creates such an incredible community of people who all share a similar love of sport and the ocean.

“Being around this amazing community I get to build life-long friendships that I will cherish forever!”

As Katy sits around her family dinner table, her infectious smile beams.  The commencement of training for the upcoming season is soon to begin and so too, her next chapter.

Fuelled by a plate of “Crepey Dapes”, Katy Rees will ride into the 2024/25 season on her Race One craft full of passion and love for her sport, our sport, Surf Lifesaving.

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