In the realm of surf sports, where the crashing waves are as unpredictable as life itself, Kendrick Louis stands as a shining example of dedication, balance, and perseverance. As a renowned surf Ironman hailing from Manly, Australia, Kendrick has mastered the art of juggling family, work, and his undying passion for the sport. With the unwavering support of sponsors like Shaw and Partners Financial Services and Race One Surf Craft, he continues to ride the waves both in and out of the water.

Kendrick's journey into the world of surf Ironman began with an innate love for the ocean and a relentless desire to conquer its challenges. Kendrick's connection to the ocean has been a driving force throughout his life. His passion for surf sports led him to excel in various disciplines, including swimming, surf ski paddling, running, and board paddling, ultimately shaping him into the surf Ironman he is today.

The Balancing Act: Family, Work, and Training

Most recently Kendrick's journey of being one of Australia’s leading Ironmen changed quite significantly and for the better, with Kendrick becoming a father to his first born son, Leo. Kendrick needed to find the ability to strike a delicate balance between his responsibilities as a family man and his rigorous training regimen, to which he is still navigating. As a husband and father, he acknowledges the importance of nurturing these relationships alongside his athletic ambitions. With a strong support system in his family, he finds the inspiration and motivation to tackle the challenges that come his way.

The Pillars of Support: Shaw and Partners Financial Services and Race One Surf Craft

Behind every successful athlete stands a strong support system, and Kendrick Louis is no exception.

Shaw and Partners Financial Services, a leading Australian financial services firm, has been a crucial partner in Kendrick's journey. Their support extends beyond mere sponsorship, encompassing a commitment to his growth and success as a surf Ironman and his recent endeavors in the business world. This partnership not only enables Kendrick to focus on his training but also demonstrates the recognition of the value athletes bring to their communities and the inspiration they provide to others.

Race One Surf Craft has fast become the number one choice for the top surf sports athletes globally. A brand dedicated to developing a full suite of performance-driven craft (surf skis, boards and paddles) for surf sports, complements Kendrick's training and competition needs. Their support ensures that he's equipped with the best tools to tackle the challenges of the ocean, further solidifying his competitive edge.

What’s next?

 Kendrick Louis' story is one of dedication, resilience, and the power of a robust support system. His ability to balance his family life, work commitments, and intensive training showcases his unwavering determination to his life journey.

The key events Kendrick is hoping to tackle this season:

 >The Shaw and Partners Coolangatta Gold

>The Shaw and Partners Summer Of Surf

>The Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Ironman Series

> The Shaw and Partners WA Race Week

>  State and Australia SLS titles


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